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The leather flying helmet is the ultimate trademark of those early dare-devil pilots who we salute in recognition as they challenged the limits of that era, both in the air and on the ground in their quest for speed, challenge and adventure.   Their legendary exploits won them the respect of their peers, the bestowal of military medals for valour, the hearts of their loved ones and the awe of the masses.   They were extraordinary times and extraordinary aviators whose lives were often tragically cut short through their flying heroics.

Today  the Campbell Original Classic Leather Hard Shell Flying Helmet is meeting the practical needs of warbird and classic pilots whilst capturing the essence of that by-gone era.   The helmet has received critical acclaim and the endorsement of highly respected warbird pilots around the world.

The many hours of work and attention to detail creating these customised flying helmets with their uncompromised standards of workmanship are an unspoken mark of respect and tribute to those early pioneering aviators we owe so much to.

Furthermore the aesthetic effect is providing photographers with totally authentic visual images, without compromising the safety of the pilot.

Whether it's the 'Biggles' or 'Ace' Warbird spirit in you, this ultimate custom designed flying helmet is created specially for you, today's aviator taking to the skies flying your classic or open-cockpit aircraft.

This innovative high quality helmet is developed with state-of-the-art technology, recreating yesterday's golden era of aviation.   Those nostalgic boyhood dreams that still tug at your heart, let me come true for you.  Recreate some of that special excitement, passion, exhiliration and romance of days gone by.

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Keeping alive the Golden Era of Aviation
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